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PowerGate: electric tailgate lock. Print E-mail
PowerGate, the electric tailgate lock from Pace-Edwards is an internal power tailgate lock that wires directly into your electric door locks. It will lock the tailgate every time you lock your doors. PowerGate, formally named PowerBolt, is virtually invisible because it is installed inside the tailgate and wires into existing power door locks. PowerGate is now produced with a new, upgraded push-pull actuator that offers better gearing and longer life. PowerGate offers a stainless steel backing plate, a stainless steel bolt and a nylon guide block to prevent corrosion between metals. When installed with Pace-Edwards Roll-Top-Cover or BedLocker, it fully secures the truck box like the trunk of a car. All wires are equipped with a plug-and-go wire kit for easy installation. PowerGate is a no drill, no cut, no modification solution to a locking tailgate.
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